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She’s So Lucky, She’s A Star…

I’ve said this before– but I think the lamest thing you can do is put your bridesmaids in intentionally ugly dresses. And people do it a lot.  Seriously. I’ve set aside a good amount of time thinking about dresses for Jammer and Sissy but it’s hard to just guess what will look good on anybody and I’ve been itching to take them out to try on dresses and get a feel for who needs what, cut, shape, sleeve type, etc. I know both girls really, really well… so I have a general idea of where to start, but I was surprised to find Jammer in dresses today that I never would have imagined looking like a KNOCK OUT. Like MOVIE STAR amazing. If you remember from this post, I talked a little about how I had imagined Jammer in a dress like this:

With sleeves and a modest cut. My only preferences were that the dresses for both girls be chiffon and floor length (which I think will lend itself nicely to the fantastical, subtle theme of the wedding.) So that’s what we were on the look out for today when we went dress shopping. But then!!

We made a same day appointment for David’s Bridal (a rash decision after drinking ridiculous mid-day Margaritas at a Red Robin of all places!)

(I love how ‘over it’ Jammer looks in this picture)

…and randomly tried on a couple of dresses in a cramped, mirrored dressing room but look what we found!!

Dress Number One:

This dress was like seven billion sizes too big (which is why Jammer looks like she’s scratching her back in these pictures, she’s actually holding her dress up and on) but it looks incredible. It’s totally flattering and flowy. I can imagine it in a pale purple color (Like wisteria or something) or a pale green (peridot or sea foam) and looking amazing on her. Even her hair thrown back like it is looks great! Simple but so elegant, right?



We found this one:

(Imagine this one sans bra-straps, obvz)

Now I’m in a pickle! I’ve really wanted chiffon, I’ve imagined flowy… but this satin dress is so amazing on her that I would be willing to change the rules. We didn’t decide on anything today because, after seven hours of dresses, it sorta got to this point:

But I feel like we have a much better idea of which way to go for Jammer’s dress… and that feels pretty good!


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