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OH Baby.

Dear baby,   Today I am ten weeks and three days pregnant. You are the size of a strawberry and boy oh boy are you keeping things interesting in my body. I crave pineapple constantly. And biscuits. But the biscuits can’t be made by your baby-daddy, oh no. They HAVE to be from Bojangles. And … Continue reading

Baby Bee / Life


GIRL I’M PREGNANT. I’m not going to go on and on about this blog and how much I miss it because duh of course. HOLY SHIT! There’s gonna be a ton of these tiny little outbursts for the next OH I DUNNO SIX MONTHS AND SOME ODD WEEKS. But for now? Here’s what’s happened so … Continue reading


New Section: HobBAES!

  …And you thought I was joking. Yes, I went and bought chalk paint at a reasonable hour! And yes, after all that Pinterest searching, I cut my hair off!With all these impending life changes, I’ve been obsessively looking for things to do when I go home. There are A TON of home repairs that … Continue reading