For Napkin on His Birthday.

I had a moment this past Monday, while watching you. You were staring at a turtle that had come curiously close to where we stood on the bridge looking over Mill Pond and you were explaining their ultimate defense mechanisms and regenerating organs (something like that.) It was quiet, otherwise– and something about your voice, … Continue reading


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Best Surprise Ever

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we know each other in real life– you’ll know that I posted a little ditty on my Facebook page a couple days ago about how I received “the best surprise ever.” I was going to blog about it that night but that whole “Are You Pregnant?” thing happened and I had to blog, angrily, … Continue reading


One Week Away!

I can’t believe it. In less than a week, I will have been married to Napkin for a whole year. This has been the most exciting, important year of my life! (So far!) Napkin and I were talking about taking a little trip to the ocean or the mountains to celebrate– but with the government … Continue reading