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My First Shower!

…the party kind, not the bath kind. I take those on the regular.

I have to blog about this right now!

So today was my mom’s shower and it was SO FUN OMG! I had absolutely no idea what to expect… which I blogged about last night but it was amazing. I really wish I had gotten more pictures of the whole group but basically when I got there everyone (a group of 12 or so ladies) were wearing these:

(It’s such a bummer to show you that picture first because it is one of my favorites. “Would yooooou like a cupcake?”)

So you can imagine that I was a little overwhelmed. Hahaha! My sweet mom (along with my sweet cousin Enrique, her daughter Fred, my sissy above all sissies and my aunt DB) really took time to decorate the house. The shower was Asian themed!!!

So we need to talk about the cupcakes in the above photo. Enrique made them from scratch. They were orange chiffon and so STINKING GOOD THAT I ATE FOUR?!?!?!! Seriously. That good.

There was this!



And at some point this happened:


I know, I know.  I ate Chinese food last night….

But there was so much delicious food. And I ate so much of that delicious food.

You know that time when everyone is eating and suddenly everyone is quiet and you start feeling weird? That never really happened because my aunt DB had planned hilarious games. The first was a game where I sat in a chair and everyone had to take a piece of paper, put it on the top of their heads and draw a picture of my face. The results mostly looked like germs or monkeys with double chins.

During the next game we all sat in a circle while aunt DB read us a story. There was a bag (with a prize in it) that you had to pass to the right if you heard the word “right” in the story and left if you heard the word “left.” Absolute insanity ensued. I didn’t win… but somehow I ended up with the prize??

The last one was absolutely my favorite. So basically what you do is put an orange in the foot of a pair of stockings. You tie the other foot around your waist so that the orange is dangling in a totally inappropriate, weird way close to the floor. You have to use your hips to swing (think pelvic thrust) your little orange sack into another orange on the floor– trying to get it across a finish line before the other person you’re racing. Here is some photo evidence to better explain:

I went up against my sister and won… my secret is grunting. If you grunt, your aim is better.

Then I got a few gifts from my family, I was given little cards with different bits of advice and wisdom (you can imagine that I was weepy the entire time this was going on) and the shower came to a slow, graceful end.

I don’t really get to spend a lot of time with my family in Charlotte and today makes me even more excited to see them on my big day and celebrate with people who I love.

(^^ That picture would be so perfect if it wasn’t for that weird shirt bubble thing I have going on in the gut area. That’s just my shirt, I swear. ((I hope.)) )

It was such an awesome day. I’m exhausted at this point…


But I lasted longer than my sister did!


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