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My Hair Has Friends.

My relationship with my hair is like that of an old married couple. We are aware and comforted by each others’ company, we do what we need to get by, we leave each other alone. That’s not to say that I don’t care about my hair, or how it looks… I just have never been too extreme in getting what I want from it.

Wedding Day Beauty is so scary, right? Your wedding day is the day you’re supposed to be the most beautiful, the most polished, the most timeless/romantic/whimsical/rustic/bohemian/vintage/retro… whatever it is that you’re going for. And that’s such a daunting task. So when I started thinking about what I wanted to do with my hair I was really stressed. I kept thinking, “I’m supposed to look better than normal so I should do something with my hair. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!”

I wanted to do something different. But I didn’t want to look like this:

Or this:

…I don’t even…

So I was talking about it with Napkin one day (that’s how you know you have a keeper, when your dude will politely listen to you go on and on about your hair) and he said, “I think you should look like you. That’s who I’m marrying. And I like your hair down.”

And so that was that. Napkin has very few opinions about anything fashion related (I even choose his denim shades) so to hear him make a preference of any sort made my mind up for me.

I really wanted to wear something ornamental in my hair ( I posted on that here) but I didn’t wait to weigh myself down or take away from the details of my dress. BUT GIRL THEN I FOUND THIS ON SALE…

This is the Tasha Crystal Headband and I Love Her.

Here’s a better picture for you:

I am wearing a veil (per request of my mom) during the ceremony… but during the reception I’m going to do a little costume change into this beauty. I probably haven’t mentioned this… but if you know me you know that I am a big headband fan. They are such a low maintenance way to pull everything together in an outfit without being too coiffed. And this one is made of sparklies, YES!

Naturally, I started bothering my bridesmaids next.

I’ve been email bombing them with different hair ornament ideas from Etsy. As you know from previous posts, I want really no fuss updos with “bridal vine combs” like so:

From Etsy

And this:

Also from Etsy

But less pearls, more rhinestones, less cluster more branch. Etsy is such an amazing source of inspiration. I’ve done a lot of my wedding shopping there… but it was getting a little overwhelming because I had something specific in mind I couldn’t find. I was talking about it with Jammer one day and she was like, “Wait like this?”


Jammer has been my longtime go-to for jewelry. She’s always been way crafty and just really good at making something DIY that is better than what you’d see in stores. She’s quiet about it but we’re friends so I abuse my privileges often. She literally took a look at some of the things I was posting for inspiration, grabbed a few bits of wire and beads she had laying around the house and made that! Here’s another picture:

They are perfect! When she gave them to me she was like, “These are just a rough draft so don’t be too harsh on them,” and my reply was to dance around the parking lot we were standing in while people watched. I didn’t care.

Afterwards, I went home and scouted all sorts of fancy supplies to give her… and started bullying her to make more and more of them. #whipcrack.

Having rad crafty friends rules. We are now hair accessorizazzled!

And I feel really good about it. I feel like both my bridesmaids and I are doing a little extra to sparkle without being uncomfortable. I’ve been so worried about not being dressed up enough or put-together enough on my wedding day… but hearing Napkin say “It’s YOU that I’m marrying” helps me remember that I can be myself walking down the aisle. Even if I’m not totally put-together or if there’s a hair out of place here or there… I’m good enough for the man of my dreams and THAT is the best feeling.


3 thoughts on “My Hair Has Friends.

  1. Found you through weddingbee! I’m ms. headphone, and I think we might be secret long-lost soul sisters. I’m now following your blog. That’s all.

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