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Tea Party!

As much as I love to blog, it has been next to impossible this week… which is a total bummer because so much fun stuff has happened that I want to blog about!

Last weekend was my bridal luncheon, thrown by Napkin’s aunts. It was held at the sweetest little dollhouse-like tea room and all of my favorite familial ladies were there, including Napkin’s mom, my mom, my sissy and two of my bridesmaids! As usual, I was thirty minutes late to my own party (#fashionable.jpg) but I feel like it’s best explained by the gaggle of pictures that I’ve taken or received so have at it:

I feel like it’s fitting to start with one. Here we all are! FABULOUS!

I love my friends. I truly do. I especially love my Jammer for getting to the party before anyone else, going through the treasure chest of provided hats, finding this one and saying, “This is mine! I’ll see you ladies at the table!” #truelove.jpg.


I love this picture. This is Jammer, Napkin’s Mom and Grandmother getting ready!

My lovely pair of aunts-to-be that put the whole thing together! ❤ ❤

You’ve seen a few of these pictures (in the teaser post before this one) but here’s another and I’ll explain why I am freaking out. I got a travel tote monogrammed with my new initials! Just in time for my honeymoon! When I saw my new initials I thought, “I HAVE NEW INITIALS!” Then I started crying and so did everyone else.

Then I started doing silly things like tying ribbon to my head so that I would stop boo-hooing:

And then I noticed this little bear-baby. Let me explain her to you. Napkin’s Nanny, on his mom’s side, was an avid collector of Beanie Babies. Her room was literally a museum of boxed up, pristine beanies. It was incredible.  She passed away recently and at the luncheon, this little bear-bride (and her bear-groom which you can see in other photos) was on the table near my seat. With all the hats and family and tea (And being half an hour late ahem), I didn’t notice them until later on but I came to find out that they had been among Nanny’s collection. They are now our official wedding mascots and a reminder that Nanny is with us still.

My bridesmaids got gifts too! (We missed you Amaleeta!) I plan on loading these bags (their names are embroidered on them) with mandatory makeup, nail polish, hair things, responsibility lists, etc…. so watch out, ladies. You have it coming.

I feel like it’s fitting to end on this picture of me looking fancy because it pretty much sums up how everyone felt that day… like queens. It was so awesome, with my mom getting to meet Napkin’s family, my sister and Jammer being there, everyone laughing and telling stories and feeling good. I am still a little overwhelmed by it all. I am so, so lucky to have the family and friends that I do… thank you so SO much for celebrating with me! #fancyhuh.jpg

I love you!

PS: Things to notice: I changed hats half way through the party. The black one that you see is mine– but it just wasn’t “tea party” enough so I was given a fluffy white one. It was amazing.

Look at our corsages! They are my wedding colors and they were super cute!!


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