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This is such a stupid, horrible idea. I should be sleeping right now… but I am absolutely buzzing with energy so I’m going to give you a little sneak peek at our flowers.

Holy moly the flowers. Let me sum up how I feel about them:

After I got them, I had a few errands to run. I was in my car, thinking about how amazing they were when I threw my head back and started happy crying at a stoplight. (You know where this is going.) I opened my eyes to check on the stoplight status when I was drawn to the staring couple who watched me in the other lane, horrified by my emotional outburst. But I didn’t care.

That is how I feel about my flowers. Post wedding I’ll do a full recap and review on all of them– but for now…just…just look:

From left to right: Roses, Hydrangea, Lisanthus from Fresh Market, Rannuculus from Grower’s Box, Orchids from Sam’s Club.

Unbelievably beautiful, better than expected orchids from Sam’s Club.


Rannuculus from Grower’s Box. This picture makes them look like they have a little blush in them, realistically they are cream color. (And every stem was perfect upon delivery.)


My finds from Fresh Market. The lisanthus and hypericum berries (I didn’t mention those before) were less expensive than anywhere else. I have a total of 40 roses, 10 hydrangea, 8 hypericum berries, and 10 lisanthus for less than a hundred dollars.


And let’s not forget about the succulents! (See your past hint here.) We haven’t even talked about those guys in forever. They were ordered from Mountain Crest Gardens three months ago. Tonight we went ahead and put them in their little deco-vases and topped each off with ornamental moss and they came out perfectly:


So there you go.

We spent the majority of the evening assembling the succulents, taking inventory of everything and tying any last minute loose ends…

You guys, I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be in the final 48 hours before marrying the most awesome dude I can fathom and celebrating it with my family and friends. My family and friends! The people who mean the most to me, the people I look forward to seeing and confide in and love! I am over the moon.

I am positively over the moon.




2 thoughts on “FLOWERS!

  1. So pretty! We had our bridal party flowers done by a professional, but I bought our ceremony and reception flowers at Sam’s for fifty bucks and they were beautiful!

  2. Oh wow. Your flowers are incredible: almost making me wish I had live ones. Mr. E would drool over the orchids–they are his favorites–and I love the look of the rannuculus!

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