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I am currently 1,024 miles away from Tokyo! Our arrival time is 3:44 pm (for you on the East Coast of the US that’s 2:44 in the morning.) We are a little less than two hours away and it has just hit me that we are really going to be spending the next twelve days in Japan. Our flight has been wonderful, mostly. I upgraded our seats for more leg room as a surprise for Napkin– ad he was stoked. #proudface.jpg
The flight food was surprisingly nice– the only bummer was the two month old sitting near us who didn’t want to fly for 20 hours. You can imagine that there was a good amount of screaming. Even with that, though, Napkin and I managed to nap a little and I think we have a good start for getting our sleep schedules Japanified. Or we are beyond exhausted. I can’t decide.

We caught up on the Walking Dead (which was super depressing) and then I forced Nathan to watch “Moonrise Kingdom” because it was happy and the inflight movie.
It sort of put both of us in a honeymoon mood and now I am super in love with my hubby and just want to cry and sing for the whole plane.

…so this blog post is going to be super simple because I’m writing it from my iPhone 35,000 feet in the air and there’s no WiFi until we get to the airport. So no links or funny pictures or whatever. But.
I just want to take a second in my glittery-so-in-love-sugoii mood to let you know that I love you, I love Napkin, I love Air-Canada (our flight) and I’m stoked to fall in love with Japan.

We’ll be seeing you!

Oh PS: I know I haven’t done recaps for the wedding yet but I have been super busy trying to get ready for the trip. After Japan, I’ll catch up!


One thought on “Nihon!

  1. I am so happy for you and your mood that glitters: I am definitely glad you posted this so me and my crampy-too-much-homework-so-over-undergrad-yoga-pants-hot-mess-ish self can share in your joy vicariously! šŸ˜› Have an INCREDIBLE time!!

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