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Tokyo: Day Nine!

Picking up where we left off last post– Napkin and I left Kyoto pretty late and got back to our hotel in Shinjuku to get some late night snacks and a full night’s rest.

The following morning we decided that we would go see the Tokyo Sky Tree!

I have a little confession to make. I was really confused by the Tokyo Sky Tree. As a long time anime fan, I was under the impression that the TOKYO TOWER was the largest structure in Japan… and didn’t know a dang thing about any Sky Tree. The Tokyo Tower was synonymous with, like,  almost every alien invasion, demon possession or love confession I can remember from anime.


Sailor Moon: “I mean. Somebody is gonna have to save Serena/Usagi.”



Cowboy Bebop: I know this Spike and Vincent battle is supposed to be on “Mars” …but this is definitely the Tokyo Tower (and they fight all the way to the tippy top of it.)


So for the first little while when I was reading about the Tokyo Sky Tree I thought they were just changing the name of The Tokyo Tower or something…

It turns out this all revolves around television. Once everybody went digital– the tower became mostly useless (there were too many tall buildings around for it to broadcast a clear, digital signal) and the Japanese decided to build a new, BIGGER tower that would be the largest in the world (until someone in Dubai made something bigger… just because.) More TV for everybody!

So where the Tokyo Tower used to serve most everyone’s television needs… it’s now a romantic Eiffel Tower doppelganger (except it’s bigger). The Tokyo Sky Tree is the new monster central for anime to come!

We were really lucky because it had only been open for six months when we decided to visit!  …But we were unlucky because the wait time to go UP into the Tokyo Sky Tree was 1,000 hours. This was sort of a mixed bag for me. I definitely wanted to go up the Sky Tree but I knew I’d get a little dizzy at the height so I wasn’t too depressed over it.

Napkin and I took the Yamanote Line over to Sumida!





The first thing we noticed after leaving the subway was… the art. I’m going to take a vote, as Napkin and I argued over this.


(I think it looks like poop.)



There she is! And she’s huge!!


You don’t really need a map to get you to the Tokyo Sky Tree after getting off the subway– you basically just walk towards it. It towers over everything so it’s impossible to miss. It was a BEAUTIFUL fall day in Tokyo, too.

Once we got to the base of the actual Sky Tree and decided that we just didn’t want to wait 1,000 hours to go up inside of it, Napkin suddenly surprised me!

The story goes a little something like this: I love birthdays. Anybody’s birthday. I love cake. Anybody’s cake (as long as you share it with me.) So it was especially funny when we flew to Tokyo on my birthday… because, in the time change, we lost my birthday entirely! It was like it never happened!



Ahem. Anyway. So Napkin, sneaky old Napkin, had done some internet researching and discovered a perfect location for a surprise birthday-date at the Tokyo Sky Tree to this place:



The name is not deceiving! Everything is truly 100% chocolate! We waited an obscene amount of time for a table but when we finally got one the waitress brought us these!



The hot chocolate was so decadent I could’ve died.



But I didn’t… so I ordered MORE CHOCOLATE!


(A little phallic, I know… leave your jokes at the door, hot shot.)


So I’m sure you get the gist of 100% chocolate cafe– but everything is chocolate! And what takes it from “whatever” to “WHAAAT” is that there are over 100 types of chocolate. Seriously.



My date for my little-two-person-surprise-party!


(hehehe, this never gets old.)


So we basically gave ourselves diabetes at the cafe and decided to go into the Tokyo Sky Tree Town! It surrounds the Sky Tree and is split up between being a mall of high end goods and kitschy shops with TV themed stuff! I don’t have a lot of pictures of it because it was super-duper packed. Like, to the point where you couldn’t even bend your arms to get your camera out of your bag.



(tights from yesstyle.com)

We started to feel like it was probably a good idea to eat breakfast/lunch (and not eat anymore chocolate) so we made our way to the food court where EVEN MORE PEOPLE were squeezed close to each other. Eventually we decided to split up, grab something to eat and call each other when one of us found a table. Six hours later? We were eating lunch! (Not really six hours… but a long time.) I wish I had taken a picture of the food court so you could see just how packed it was. There were a lot of impressive restaurants so I’m not really surprised… but dang!





There was more perusing and people-squeezing until we decided to leave the main mall and see some of the outside stores before calling it a day at the Sky Tree. And then I heard it. Beautiful music.

Obviously, I ran towards it and realized that there was a Studio Ghibli store! And from inside the Ghibli store, there was a moving display! And I had found it! I win!!







Disclaimer: The following pictures include baby things. People who know me; (Mom, I’m looking at you…) we are in no hurry to have babies. But when we do… I’m definitely going to need these things. Thank you for your time and consideration.





So as you can probably guess, I did a lot of freaking out. I also ran around the store and squeezed everything I could while no one was looking. I was in Japan. I was probably never going to see those people again. I squeezed.

The Sky Tree, apparently,  has a way of trapping you. Before we knew it, we were watching the sun set behind the world’s ((second)) largest tower!



We had promised to meet our Halloween-party-turned-Karaoke-friends for dinner in Koenji in the early evening so we decided to kill the rest of our time at a near-by book store called Tsutaya! It sort of reminds me of Book-Off? Does anyone know what I’m talking about?


And movies too!

We basically just flipped through fashion magazines (me) and looked at the new releases in the DVD section (Napkin) before meeting our new friends for final goodbyes and Thai food in Koenji. And that was our ninth day in Japan! Little did we know that, on the tenth day of our honeymoon, we would meet…


Don Quixote.


Next post! Costumes, strippers, fake levis!

See you soon!


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