How The?!

So, I have other things to blog about that are much more important and interesting but you need to know something about me: I love late night snacks. And that is wrong. And the universe found a way to remind me of this today.

Last night I did some salty emotional eating and woke up with a very puffy face. So naturally, I took a couple of ice packs and wrapped them in a towel and put them on my face.
But that just wasn’t cold enough and I was short on time– so I decided to just apply them directly to my face. I did so for about fifteen minutes.
Later on in the day, I went and washed my face to start getting ready for my show. And I discovered this:


Do you see that? That is an irritated, ruddy, mess. Do you know why??
? Why?? Why am I so stupid?
All because I HAD to have pretzel chips and yogurt dip at two in the morning the night before.

…I see what you did there, Universe. But can you fix it now?


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