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You guys! We did it! We made it! Our anniversary was so laid back and nice. And at exactly 11:55 pm… We ate our year old wedding day cupcake!
We unwrapped it and gasped.


In all the fuss of our wedding we didn’t remember which cupcake we had saved and it was such a happy surprise.

And then the funniest thing happened. Napkin, who is color blind, had apparently been very very excited about the fact that our anniversary cupcake was chocolate. When I explained to him that it was, in fact, red velvet… He was crestfallen and super bummed. Watching him jokingly suffer through awful icky red velvet (which is my favorite kind of cupcake) while I totally loved it was just super funny.

And it really wasn’t bad…
In fact, it was good! (To me. Napkin was underwhelmed.) I think it was wrapped really well and that is all thanks to my mom-in-law. It was still a little cold when we ate it– but it was definitely cupcakeyyyyy.

In an effort to lift my husband’s spirits, I quickly made him an ice cream sandwich made with chocolate chip cookies and chocolate ice cream. (Both of which we got for our anniversary stay-in. #ashamed.jpg) That cheered him right up …and the five minutes we had left of our anniversary went just as swimmingly as the rest of the day had.


And so! We survived! Passed with flying colors, even!

I’ll fill you in on the whole day soon. ❤


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