Where I Went Last Week!

I love blogging, I really do. So when I take a little break please know that I am up to some sort of all-encompassing project… or…um… I’ve been kidnapped.

Last week, Napkin and I started one of the biggest, most daunting DIY jobs imaginable: Remodeling our bathroom. (I use the term “Napkin and I” very loosely, as I basically have chosen tile and been moral support while Napkin pulled up under layment, smashed old tile, mixed thin-set, etc.)

Don’t know what any of that means? I didn’t either! But you learn quickly– and you feel very badass being able to spit that mess out at Home Depot to anyone who is willing to listen.




Here’s what’s been going on:





Between trying to impress home repair store employees and regular life… you could say things have been hectic.

And to make matters worse, I’m out of town every weekend for shows so Napkin is left to his own devices.  He keeps me up to date via FaceTime:


…And I make faces like that.

(This was a FaceTime screenshot of Napkin showing me his progress in pulling up the old tile in our bathroom.) Whoa.


You know what’s the worst, though? Having to balance all of this. I love my house– but I am quickly getting to the point where I just want to LIVE in it and not FIX it anymore. I want my rare weekends off to be full of lounging and catching up on pointless TV shows, pedicures, recipe adventures, that sort of thing… and instead it’s cutting tile, replacing fixtures, puttying holes, sanding drywall, on and on.

In fact, it’s even affecting my appearance. I find myself getting ready in the morning and being like, “Well…It’s just going to be me and the dudes at Home Depot again today so I’ll skip the eyeliner.” I have a few sporadic moments (normally very late at night) where I’m like, “SCREW IT I’M PUTTING ON A FACE MASK” but for the most part I look like I just stumbled out of someone’s laundry pile.



My nails, on the reg. I should stop trying.


I guess the point of this post is that I need help getting my shit together so that I can start looking like I’ve got my shit together.  And I need to keep my shit together so I can blog more. Because you totally miss me. RIGHT?!

In other news, it’s my birthday tomorrow– so if someone wants to come and Magic-Genie-Fix-My-Bathroom that would be great!

See you soon!


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