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Final Party! Forever! For A Little While!

So here we are. The official countdown until I move to Murl Beach. Napkin has continued to carefully remind me that I have been counting down the move for the last two months but now… I am less than a week away so it’s FORREAL.

Last weekend, we decided to have a get together at the house one last time. My initial plan was to reach out to friends individually for hangz… But time caught up with me, my move happened weeks before I thought it would, and so there was just no way to see everyone.
Napkin and I made plans for a fire pit and s’mores party and invited our friends! I went to Trader Joe’s, bought goat chèvre with honey and, like, six bottles of champagne (#fancy.jpg) and got really excited to see everyone!

On the day of the party, I was straightening up the house when my phone made a really weird sound. It was the “warning” notification!! We were under a tornado warning. This is how I felt, “!!!!!”

About as soon as I got the warning on my phone, the sky just erupted. Apparently, we had 100 mile an hour winds. An apartment complex that was being built five minutes away from us just toppled over. We escaped relatively unscathed but it just wasn’t good traveling weather. I sent out a little thing on Facebook that said, “Whoa. The weather. Don’t worry about the party, dudes.” Nathan and I were disappointed (but I think secretly stoked to eat all the snacks and not blame ourselves for doing so.)

Then! As quick as it rolled in, the storm was gone. I sent out another Facebook thing that said, “Party’s on! Party on!”


But then eight o’clock rolled around and no one came. Napkin and I both sort of uncomfortably made excuses, ate unhealthy amounts of cheese…
…And then everyone showed up!! It was a huge success! We all laughed about the potential cast drama that will unfold and drank champagne. I made sure not to look sad when everyone was leaving. Jammer stayed the night (because I didn’t give her any other choice) and we got sort of champagne-drunk and laughed about stuff that wasn’t funny to anyone else. I’m not even going to write about it because the five of you who read this blog won’t even think it’s funny. Just trust me. At the time– it was hilarious. (We were drunk.)

As soon as the rain passed (it never totally did, Napkin just wouldn’t take no for an answer… #Weather!!.jpg) Napkin and our friend Dee (who also was forced to stay the night) disappeared outside to get manly and start a fire.


Jammer and I were inside talking about nothing (we were drunk, remember?) and suddenly both Dee and Napkin were coming in the house and shoving s’mores in our faces. IT WAS ONE IN THE MORNING. OF COURSE I ATE EVERY DELICIOUS CRUMB.

The fire was sort of hit or miss. Sometimes it was awesome and poetic and perfect. Sometimes it was raining and smoke was in your face. Jammer and I abandoned the party-animal-dudes and went to bed…
And man, when I woke up? I felt like I had been stoned by s’mores. In fact, maybe the s’mores made my hangover worse? I don’t know. But the sweet thing was that Jammer had breakfast under control. She had shown up the night before with tons of breakfast goodies. And if bear claws and coffee weren’t enough– she and Dee decided to go on a biscuit run.


(This was not my plate by way. I couldn’t handle all that love.)

So basically carbs forever. Day saved. Hangover defeated. We all talked for a little while and then everyone shuffled around the whole “leaving” part. Our guests got their things and I, of course, got weepy.
“This is it,” I thought.
“This is the end.”

And then Dee said, “Wait. I’ll see you next week!”
And he was totally right! I’m coming back to town for a show with my original band next week! (Four days after I move!)
So I laughed like it didn’t matter and waved to Jammer and Dee as they headed out.
Then I closed the door and cried all day, haha.



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