HobBAE: Reupholstered Chair

I did it!

After a bunch of late night youtubing and a few trips to the hardware store I have officially taken my maiden reupholstery voyage!


(Guest appearance by a very stretchy Wilbur the Dog!)

Here’s a pretty good before and after:

I fell in love with this blue velvet burnout fabric a few months ago while searching for something to cover the heirloom chair I mentioned in the previous post. I bought two yards of it, not knowing what I would end up using it for. It looks beautiful on this little rocker, right?
Napkin, who is colorblind, loves to tell me that this is a purple leopard print fabric and that it might be a “little loud for our house” but he is wrong so whatever. 🙂

Here is a pretty complete link round up if you’re interested in doing something like this yourself.


And I highly recommend it! I feel pretty bad to the bone right now.


What do you think?! Please let me know because I’m really excited and my mom won’t call me back…
More soon! ❤

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