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Choosing A Dress (Or Fashion Versus Function)

Even though I’ve made a point of saying that I’m not really a wedding person– I feel like it’s equally important to note that I AM a dress person. I’ve always loved clothes… and I’ve also always been very particular about clothes. This, of course, means it’s going to take me the full ten months to choose my wedding dress.

Last fall My mom, Jammer and I went to a Bridal Super Market of sorts just to try stuff on for the sake of doing so. However we… ahem… lounged by the pool at my Mom’s hotel a little long and only gave ourselves about an hour once we finally got there. I let my Mom choose dresses that day… (These pictures were taken last August.)

Annnnd this is what she came up with.

I can’t blame her. She makes the point that this is the one day I get to dress up as much as I want– I’m supposed to stand out and feel like a princess/movie star/warrior/goddess/faery… but a dress that I get lost in is just not me. Here were some other interesting choices:


As you can tell, I’m easily swallowed whole by these things. Ive made the joke with Napkin that if I wear too big of a dress, I’ll fall down and get lost.

I’m sort of stuck about which way to go. I wear a lot of figureless clothes. I’m five foot tall and pretty petite but I have always had a wide waist. It’s been one of my biggest insecurities… and so I hide with with empire waistlines and sheath-esque dresses and things. Because of this I’m naturally drawn to dresses like this:

Pretty, right? It’s from the Eden Bridals Informal Collection. In fact, every dress that I tried on that day (this being my favorite) was from an informal collection. But is that the way I want to go? This is my inspiration dress (I found this a couple of days ago)

This dress is so effing lovely. The lace at the bottom, the simplicity of it all– it just feels like something I would wear. (The ocean backdrop may play a big part in that as well, I don’t know) This dress would be comfortable and easy to move in (If hemmed well) but is it fitting for the day that I’m supposed to feel the loveliest? I don’t know. I find myself looking more and more at dresses like this:

And thinking, “Hm. Is this the way I should go?” This dress is amazing– I like the 1940’s vibe it has, and the beadwork… but it’s so fitted! Napkin makes a point of telling me I look really nice in fitted dresses/clothing… but he kinda has to, right? I don’t know. I think next week Jammer and I are going to look at dresses and I’m going to try some stuff on to get an idea of which way I want to go. So far, though… the dress has been the most daunting task.


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