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I Want You To Feel Beautiful!

When I first started thinking even wistfully about getting hitched I found myself on and a lot of huge, ugly wedding websites that made me feel like not having poodles and doilies in my house was a sin.

Something I’ve always disagreed with is the “Bride has to outshine EVERYONE” thing. I’ve played a few weddings where the bride purposefully put her bridesmaids in taffeta disasters… and judging by the articles I’ve skimmed through and the “Modest” (read: ugly) bridesmaid dresses I’ve seen… its pretty clear that some bad decisions are made on purpose.

Sissy and Jammer are my two bridesmaids and they have entirely different bodies. They also have every right to feel spectacular on my wedding day. I’m a little undecided on the colors I’m going for but I do want them in floor length gowns. Here’s some inspiration for them.


Sissy is tall and lean and I thought this dress was beautiful. I’m thinking really mellow, laid- back hair… maybe something like this:


Something totally low maintenance but feminine. She’s got a beautiful face and I’d like her hair swept away from it without looking like she’s going to prom 1996.

Jammer showed me some hair accessories and it really got me thinking about them. I love how mermaidy/fantastical they can be and I definitely want us all to have some:

Maybe in lieu of a veil? I don’t know.

When I first met Jammer she had a short bob that was way cute on her– but as we moved closer and closer to the beach her hair grew longer and longer and now it’s super thick and beachy and totally enviable. This is what I was thinking for her:

(Don’t pay attention to that girl’s wonk face… I don’t know what’s wrong with her.)

Jammer has worn braids like this before and it looks really good on her. She’s got super pretty skin and a really nice neck and I feel like, again, it will be low maintenance but lovely. Jammer also has babin’ curves and so here’s an inspiration dress I was thinking for her:

She has said she would rather have sleeves… and I think this dress will make her boobs look awesome. : )

I guess my point is that I don’t want to feel like a princess among peasants. I want to feel good, and I also want my friends to feel good. So slapping them in some satin wrap in the same shape and length and make is just not a good idea. So here’s to finding the right dress(es!)


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