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Wedding Colors. It’s Complicated.

With my wedding dress being chosen so much has become clearer! Every time I look at the pictures of my dress, I am overwhelmed with ideas. I miss the beach, so I immediately start thinking of something whimsical, marine, vintage, subtle… and then it’s a train wreck of unfortunate splatter paintings in my head. That’s especially painful because right now I am in the middle of a horrible sinus infection. It’s my illness of choice, apparently, as I was recovering from an especially nasty one right before Napkin proposed to me last year. So, with my nose stuffed, my body achy and my eyes unable to handle natural daylight… I have started scouring the internet for different wedding theme ideas. I’m beginning to envy the girls who have it all figured out. Remember when Jammer and I went out for shitty mid-day margaritas while dress shopping?

Well, we got to chatting with out waitress and she and her boyfriend had already gone through EVERY DETAIL of their wedding… and they weren’t even engaged yet. Homegirl knew her dress’ style number, basically… and I caught myself wishing I had done a little more (wistful) planning.

At first I went back to Ol’ Knotty… and looked at a few wedding theme ideas. Here are my top three:

And those alone are all over the place. I really like inspiration boards… I have a pinterest account but I don’t know how to use it quite yet… but I find myself getting really irritated with color names. One man’s ‘clover’ is another man’s ‘fern.’ One man’s ‘blush’ is another man’s ‘mauve.’ One man’s ‘midnight’ is another man’s ‘storm.’ I don’t want to be restricted to one store’s bridesmaids dresses… and I don’t want to have to worry about dye jobs on different dresses when colors aren’t even universal. There should be a rule: Stick to the Crayola palette. Or else.

I guess I’m happy that my dress has started the ball rolling in a general direction. I’ve done a lot of thinking about my bridesmaids’ dresses… and where I initially thought that something muted and pale would be the way to go, the drama of my dress calls for something a little darker, less dusty and more elegant.

I’m narrowing it down to something close to this color:

Or this…

I like the idea of this dark color being where the bridesmaids go, as well as the accents, ties and whatever on the boys… and then have pale, blush colors in the decor with accents of this through out.

I don’t know. I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow.


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