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For The Love Of Etsy

My sinus infection threw me for an absolute loop… a loop that kept me from even daydreaming about my wedding there towards the end. January was a depressing month of being housebound (it started with my getting my wisdom teeth removed and ended with my having a sinus infection) …so I’m trying hard to start thinking about flowers and warmer weather and sweet things again.

Jammer came to save me one day of being quarantined because she wanted a shopping buddy (I was on antibiotics at this point so no shaking your fingers at my being contagious) and we ended up perusing Urban Outfitters. I have a love/hate relationship with the store… because they have ripped off SO many artists that I know. From earrings to drink coozies, the people over at Urban Outfitters just sit back and wait for someone’s handmade goods to get popular then rip off the design… snakes in the grass, they are.

But then they do have great shoes.


So we’re kind of looking around and making fun of stuff and I see this bracelet set that I really love and I think, “This will make me feel better, I should get this…” but I don’t and then we eat Italian food and so on and so forth.

Well, you know how when you really want something you think about it after the fact a lot? You curse yourself for missing out, you think of the outfits you could have planned around it? That sort of thing? I’ve been doing that. So last night while laying I started looking around on Etsy. At first, it was to find a handmade version of the bracelet that I wanted. I found, instead, an AMAZING vintage bracelet that I paid, with shipping, ten dollars for and I CAN’T WAIT TO GET IT. Here it is:

So that reignited my love for Etsy. As an artist I know that it’s really hard to make ends meet doing what you love. And so, instead of getting some overpriced chain store knock off… I like looking around for someone’s lovingly handmade stuff. Or vintage. Just as good.

I dreamed about wedding hair last night. Well, I dreamed about getting married underwater last night. This is probably because I have been land locked for too long… but all I really remember is that my hair was all over the place and I woke up thinking of all the fantastical stuff that I can do come wedding day.

Naturally I started looking at Bridal pieces on Etsy. My searches started out as “metal bridal pieces”and “crystal bridal pieces” …and quickly became “elven fantasy” and “elegant whisper.” Now, with searches like that you often end up with things like this:




You also find stuff like this!!!!!!!!!

Are you serious?! That is beautiful! Here’s another one by the same Etsy seller:

(I know, the butterfly/faery thing is a little much…but look at that head piece!)

In fact, here’s a link to the whole store:


I haven’t really decided on whether or not I’m going to wear a veil.  Napkin and I are on the fence about something so traditional (also the chances of me falling down are raised even higher this way) but with all the amazing stuff I’ve found so far on Etsy– I have a feeling that my bridal party and I are gonna be pretty daggum sparkly. Are these circlets (THEY ARE CALLED CIRCLETS HOW ELVEN) too much? Do I care if they are?



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