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Funny story:

This morning I was on my way to a dentist’s appointment when my car started sputtering and lurching forward. I took it BACK to the mechanic who had being working on it for a week and was left walking home from downtown Carrboro.

The end!

Haha, JK. Well, I’m not kidding… my morning kinda blew. But I decided to make the best of it and run a few errands. Napkin and I have needed to replace some gasket in our bathtub for a while so I walked over to the local hardware store to see if I could find what we needed. I am a girly-girl in some ways. Everyone knows this… but not to the point where I can’t fend for myself or anything. I had gone to the grocery store to pick up a bag of salad greens and had treated myself to a latte before I had gone gasket shopping, so my hands were full and I just sort of wobbled around the plumbing section with absolutely no idea what I was looking for. Then I went to the help counter.

“Excuse me, do you have…um… this thing that goes behind the…um…drain turnee off and on thing…it stops water from the um, emergency…thing…here. Let me just show you.” Then I take out my Iphone with the cute cat cover and try to look up what I’m trying to find for a good five minutes.

“It sorta looks like this…but this isn’t my bathtub obviously…ha…ha…ahem.”

This is all while sloshing around a perfectly good latte and balancing a bag of effing salad greens under my arm. Had I been wearing a tiara it would have been perfect.

They had NO idea what planet I had come from. They didn’t have any bathtub ring whatevers, anyway… so I politely excused myself. Before I left, though… I decided to punctuate my girly-ness by taking home a PILE of color swatches from the paint section.

“For my wedding!” I said to everyone as I pranced away in my ballerina outfit towards my sparkling pegasus that was waiting for me outside. :////////

I’m an embarrassment to my own kind.

Here’s my haul:

…which is basically every color on the cool side of ROYGBIV. I’m really in love with a darker, muted teal now… I haven’t changed my mind since my last post. It’s such a flattering color on almost everyone and not so princess peachy that the boys would feel weird in it. I think.

Here are some more dress ideas:

(I want chiffon, I know…but this color is pretty right on.)

Anyway… it gives me something to think about today besides some mysterious bathtub gasket thing and my broken car.

Toodles from Princess Sparkle Land!


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