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This is my theory:
Napkin started bringing home magazines from work to stop me from being THAT GIRL in the grocery store who holds up the line because she’s desperately trying to figure out if, in fact, the bat baby actually exists. It’s just a theory… Anyway.

Napkin brings me tons of magazines from work (he works at an ad agency, not a nail salon or something) and since the wedding stuff has been happening, he has gotten his hand on many a Destination Wedding, The Knot, and most recently People’s “Elizabeth Smart’s Dream Wedding.” Bless his little heart.
He also brings home a lot of interior design magazines. I was flipping through the March 2012 issue of House Beautiful when I found this:

I said to myself, “Self!! This is it! This is your color scheme!” I did a little dance and called my mom and texted Jammer. I’m going to use that deep blue color you see on the box below the bouquet (or the bowl the robin’s eggs are in) as the bridesmaids’ dress color (David’s Bridal calls it ‘marine’) and then let the bouquets be the purple and darker red and green colors… Maybe add some blush tones to lighten things up through the room. Pale plates, place card holders and that sorta thing… Maybe with stuff written or accented in one of those darker jewel tones.
I’m hoping that I can put a better idea in my head by going to see St. Thomas again the next show I play in Wilmington. I can imagine that, with low lights and those beautiful windows, it will work itself out perfectly… But I definitely want to stop by to make sure.

And!! As if I wasn’t sold enough already, Napkin and I met up for dinner and a movie last night after he got off of work. We had dinner at one of our favorite Thai places near the theater and when I got out to my car that son-of-a-gun had left a bouquet of flowers in my car. I did a double take because look…!!

(Take note of that yellow accent there, little spots of that on the table displays will bring out the windows at St. Thomas, I think.)


Now obvz… the lighting is different (ie its in my kitchen and taken with my Iphone) but the colors are really similar! I turned to him and said, “How did you know I chose my color scheme today?!” and he said, “Because I just kn– I can’t lie to you. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Then we laughed and went and saw The Secret World of Arriety.

So I’m onto something now! I have a pallete to work from! I’ve always been in love with the “marine” dress color (see this blog post for a better idea) and the jewel tone, not over the top colors with it will compliment everyone I think. The boys don’t have to wear chartreuse! Or pink!

Sigh. I’m feeling a little proud of myself so I’m going to order chinese take out. Bye!


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