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Cake Toppers, Part Two.

A friend of mine saw my last post and was like, “Come on, dude. You’re getting married… not revisiting the birthday party you had when you were five.” Point made. Here are a few more grown-up cake toppers, all of them handmade and all of them from Etsy. (I’m rolling my eyes at you.)

One of my favorite things about a lot of these are that they are custom orders… meaning you can have them look exactly like you. A pretty sweet little keepsake, in my opinion.

A little Tim Burton-y… Take notice of the little embroidered heart!

I like these a lot. They are a little witchy (and I like that the bride is taller, muahaha.)

How Indie.

Another customizable set.

There you go. I’M AN ADULT, OKAY?! …But just to satisfy my cute urge one last time, go take a look at this shop, okay? You’ll die.


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