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Splurge Alert!

Napkin is not one for pictures. He doesn’t like to take them. He doesn’t like to be in them. This made my love for photo booths especially difficult when we would spot one on date nights.

I specifically remember a night in Greensboro, NC when we were seeing MegaBand (a band that covered the entire soundtrack for Mega Man while a boy played the game flawlessly) when I spotted a really neat, vintage photo booth and asked Napkin to take pictures with me. “Sure!” he said, “Give me just a minute!”

Then he “forgot.”

When we started planning the wedding, my mom, Jammer and I all piled into one that was set up at the Bridal Mart where I bought my dress and my mom said, “You should really have one of these at your wedding!” And since then, it was been on my mind.

With another really important decision having been made (we found our caterer, you know) I have let myself start thinking more about favors, lighting, pictures… and the photo booth.

I played the Fashion Fix launch party for one miss wonderful Jess James and I had a great experience years ago with Full Sail Photography in Wilmington. For example:

(Sissy and Me!)

This is a pretty lo-fi version of what the actual little photo strip looks like but we had a great time (the champagne didn’t hurt much either.)

So when it came time to thinking about the photo booth, naturally Full Sail Photography was the first to come to mind. I’m hoping to do a little elbow rubbing, but if that doesn’t work out… then this may be my wedding splurge. What a fun reception activity, right? And I would love to have photo strips be our little favor!

Other choices we have are:

Carolina Photo Booth (Way fun website, it looks like the backgrounds are customizable too!)


Active Booth (more people can squeeze into the photos!)


I’ll update with more info soon! I’ve written all three of these companies for pricing, availability, that sort of thing… so we’ll see! I can tell you this, though… come wedding day, Napkin will finally embark on a photo booth session! With me! His wife! Muahaha!


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