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Spring Dresses and Spring Flowers

Hi, ole’ backseat blog. The spring is a really busy time for me, work-wise, so wedding planning has slowed… but not without getting some huge decisions made and things accomplished!

First and foremost, our final list of bridesmaids and groomsmen has been made. My ladies are:



Sissy Buchanan and


You knew about Sissy and Jammer already but I didn’t want to say anything about Amaleeta or Sissy Buchanan yet because I wanted to ask them properly. Who would I be to assume that they would want to get wrapped up in this big wedding mess? (the best mess ever?) Well thankfully they have said yes and the five us are going to party royally and get pampered royally and we will sashay on October 7th together! Now not only have they all agreed but the majority of the dresses have been chosen, purchased and delivered!! Here are Sissy and Jammer with their dresses (which are neither the color or size… but that has been taken care of and they are beautiful:)

(They are both going to kill me for posting this picture.)

Then! Like a week after I asked Sissy Buchanan to be a bridesmaid she found her dress!!!

(Sorry this picture is blurry– but you get the idea.)

I talked to Amaleeta today about the process of navigating (and avoiding as much of the bull shhh as possible) David’s Bridal and how TOTALLY FAST the dresses for Sissy and Jammer arrived (they ordered them at the same time) so I’m excited to see how it all pulls together.

So that’s done!

THEN! My sweet little mommy came to visit me and run wedding errands. We celebrated our first night in town, obvz:

And then over the course of the week we brainstormed about colors and themes and that sort of thing. When I think of my mom one of the first things that comes to mind is her relationship with flowers. My mom can take dying impatiens and make them blue ribbon winning masterpieces and her flowers all over our yard is a memory I have from almost every point of my life. So there’s no one better suited for helping me choose wedding flowers.

When Sissy and I went and tried on her dress– she was a little worried about the color. Where “Marine” sounds like it would be more teal or at least have some green in it– realistically it’s just a navy blue color. But I chose it for a reason: It’s very easy to dress up. I had wanted to do something vibrant for the bouquets that we will all carry… and one day during lunch my mom and I chatted while flipping through this:

I wasn’t really paying close attention until I closed the magazine by accident and saw the bouquet on the cover. It hit me! I had seen the dresses that the bridesmaids were going to wear…I was beginning to put themes and palettes together in my mind and this was just perfect. I really wanted some accents of romantic blush tones too… and then we stumbled across these:

And green orchids immediately sprang to mind. My colors are leaning themselves towards marine, pewter and a moss green… and bouquets of these guys would just be amazing:

So that’s where I would like to go with that. It will also look so bright against the navy blue of the girls dresses but not necessarily overwhelm mine, you know? AND! There’s an orchid nursery right down the road from me! (well- like an hour away) so maybe I can get them regionally sourced, you know?





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