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I thought, since I’m sitting here letting my nails dry before I leave for a Wilmington show, I should update quickly on what I hope to be an excellent find.

The average bridal bouquet is somewhere between 80 to 150 dollars.


Well, eff that mess. Where flowers are an important part of my wedding (as flowers have always been something that I have loved to grow and have in my house…) I can’t spend 750.00 on the bouquets that my girls and I walk down the aisle with… and I haven’t even looked up what floral centerpieces would run me. I have a feeling if I calculated it all this is what I would look like:

So yeah.


The first picture that you see are the little orchids I’ve been growing as a wedding reminder… and I’m beginning to think that I should really be creative with flowers. When I was google searching St. Thomas Preservation hall I found this picture and really loved it:

This is someone’s wedding at St. Thomas a few years back… I like how creative the were with the long, simple vases and spare flowers. I’m not trying to copy anyone… but I really love how this looks and love even more how much I would save. So I started looking for ways to make this happen… and I found this website: and was delighted to see that the green orchids (listed as Cymbidium Orchids ) are 2.00 per stem. So if I did exactly what you see above… I’m look at six dollars per table instead of 17 billion dollars per table. Exciting right?

So that’s a relief. I’ve never dealt when anything like this before…so what I’ll probably do is order a test round of something, see how it is delivered, how long it lasts, etc… and then go from there. So wish me luck!

Annnnd, my nails are dry. Off to Wilmington!




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