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For the Love of Shoes.

This post is for anyone who loves a good pair of shoes. Specifically, though, it’s a post for my bridesmaids. And for anyone else. This post is for everyone!

I’m not sure if there is a standard protocol for this sort of thing… but I would really like for my bridesmaids to all wear the same pair of shoes. Does that happen? I’ve seen wedding blogs where pictures have gone both ways… and what I’m thinking is that, if you have any excuse to buy a new pair of shoes then… why not?

I’ve been searching “wedding shoes” and the results are positively cringe-worthy. Satin catastrophes, mostly. I’ve also seen that a lot of brides go Badgley Mischka and I’m not sure why? Is that a thing? Anyway, while searching “wedding shoes” and seeing some “Eh” shoes and “Nuh uh” shoes, I had a thought. It was really important to me early on that the bridesmaids, if they were forced to buy a lot of stuff, at least liked it a little bit. I tried with the dresses… but bridesmaids dresses are made so specifically that I have a feeling that I won’t spot one of my friends out at the club in their ‘marine’ gowns.  But all is not lost! Because I can force my bridesmaids to purchase bitchin’ shoes!

I had Jammer and Sissy over for a little wedding pow-wow and we basically got tipsy and talked shoes– and we decided on lower heel, gray pumps… possibly embellished? Cheap? Fun? Easy to wear again?

Well ladies, here are some of my initial choices for shoes. Take a look at these and tell me your preferences. Anyone else looking in… well… enjoy yourselves.


First Pair


Second Pair

Third Pair

Fourth Pair

Fifth Pair

Sixth Pair


Seventh Pair

So there you go. Just a few ideas to go on. What do you think??


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