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Wedding Lighting.

Let it be known that as of today, May 10th, 2012… I am going into full on wedding insanity mode. Let me explain:

I have been day dreaming about wedding lighting for some time now. We chose the timing of our ceremony and reception based on the time of day… warm late-afternoon light for the ceremony, twilight for the cocktail hour and early evening for the reception. I knew we would have to make some choices on how to light up the room after the sun went down… and it was something I was really excited to get creative about. The most simple lighting I’ve seen so far is string lighting across the ceiling like this:

Take a look at the top left side of the picture… that will give you an idea.

So I started thinking about what I wanted to do– and I found these: (And before you even look at the picture, know that they are called “fairy net lights…”)

A starry sky! Oh my gosh how amazing! …But impossible. So I started thinking something more like this:

So beautiful, right? And totally do-able. But if the lights above us are plain (romantic but less starry-sky) …then I wanted to do something sort of whimsical and I came up with this idea:

Mason jars! Lovely! …but harder than you would think.


I found these:

…Those little lights? They are battery operated led branches. AND I LOVE THEM. They have all sorts. Even trees…

Are you dying!? I died. What an amazing way to add light to a room. So ethereal.

So EXPENSIVE. (That tree above me is three thousand dollars.)

So I decided I would stick with the branches. I found a few at AC Moore while looking for wedding supplies… and decided just to get one and try it out. I won’t tell you that I wasn’t totally amped because I was totally amped– which made it worse when I got home and it was a total dud. Never came on, never even flickered. So the next day I took it back to AC Moore and the saleslady and I got to chatting and I told her how excited I had been– because I really wanted them at my wedding. We laughed, she asked me if I had gone crazy from planning yet… and I exchanged my dud branch for another one. Then I spotted some bigger branches that plug into a wall for thirty dollars a pop. AH! But I had a coupon! For 50% off one regular priced item, thank-you-very-much! So I pranced myself back up to the register to make my exchange and to purchase the bigger branches and the saleslady and I laughed again and I gave her my coupon and then she said, “Uh oh, honey. This coupon doesn’t go into effect until Sunday”

Maybe my face fell. Maybe I looked a little less sassy. I don’t know. But before I knew it, she was grinning again, scanning a secret coupon and giving me 40% off!!!!!!!!!! STOKED! I told her thank you so many times that it got weird and I rushed home. My sister is just as genuinely excited about this as I am so I called her as I was setting them up in the bathroom (The darkest room of my house.) LOOKHOWBRIGHTTHEYAREOMG!

The battery operated one:

The pluggy-inny one:

I was telling my sister about how lovely they are… and then I just lost it. I don’t know what happened… but something about thinking of how lovely the room was going to be– how exciting everything was– I just had a total meltdown. I started imagining the tall glass vases on each table, green orchid stems and pussy willow branches and then those little lights mixed in and I just exploded.

See the following text message I sent to Napkin:

I’ve warned him.

Now I’m warning you… I’m past the point of no return, people. Keep your distance if you see my cradling plastic branches and rocking myself back and forth. But don’t worry. They’re happy tears!


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