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I am freaking out. Also, wedding shoes are ugly.

I have a pretty weird name… and that leads to all sorts of problems. People write my name in pretty atrocious ways pretty often and I never let it get to me. Most recently, I was introduced as “Bebo.”

When you google search “Bebo” this is what you find:

…That’s not me.

Anyway, I’m telling you this because I’m sorta freaking out a little. See, I’ve made a lot of really important decisions recently and found people who I’m really excited to work with for my wedding. But these people need money. And I am out of checks.

As I write this, I am staring at two signed contracts, one for a photo booth and one for a lighting company. I am especially proud of my signatures… everything is squared away, postage is paid for… but I don’t have the check I need to include. Because my checks keep getting screwed up. I recently put it an order for new checks and the first time they arrived, all of my info was weird and wrong. So I sent them back, double checked everything… and waited for the next set. When those arrived my name was spelled wrong.  I’m sitting on my hands waiting for the third set of checks to come in so I can send this stuff out but holy moly! It’s been forever! I’ve been in touch with both companies that are waiting on me, telling them about the situation and keeping them up to speed on everything but I am beginning to have nightmares about someone coming and taking my starry sky lights away from me.

In order to level myself out a little bit, I’ve taken time to do some deep breathing (“don’t be a wedding monster, don’t be a wedding monster”) and also decided to start looking at shoes. Here’s the thing about wedding shoes. THEY ARE UGLY. So much satin, so many unfortunate appliques or feathers or embellishments. So many awkward open toes. It’s killing me! My dress is so busy that I think I really want something simple, a good shape, a high heel but not impossible to walk in and THEY ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND. And when I do find something, they are 1,300 dollars. For example:

I should have steered clear the moment I saw those red heels.

So I’m wading through the this:

And the this:

…in hopes of finding shoes to go underneath that beautiful dress of mine. Wish me luck. (I obviously need it.)



One thought on “I am freaking out. Also, wedding shoes are ugly.

  1. First, shoes are important…critical even. I had a dream about my wedding shoes and you will too. Just let it…Bebo.

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