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My sudden love affair with Polyvore.

I am one of those “visual” types who likes to see things rather than hear them explained. Maybe it’s a touch of ADD or maybe I simply get bored real quick like– but if someone is going on and on about the shade of moss I should expect– they should in turn expect me to start fantasizing about this:

This gets me into trouble sometimes.

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot is the possibility of wedding decor/wedding outfit disaster. I am acquiring/buying things left and right without really seeing how they will all come together. The bridesmaids’ outfits, for example. I basically let them have their way in terms of dress designs… as long as they were the same color and length. My plan was to then coordinate their shoes and accessories but I never really stopped to look at the whole picture.

Thank goodness for Polyvore, because it made things way easy (and now I’m stoked because they girls are going to look AMAZING and totally put together whether I planned it or not.)


Bridesmaid Set
Isn’t that great? So after my first success, I of course posted my own outfit and then also started planning my Tokyo Honeymoon by day using only pieces from (YesStyle is where the girls ordered their shoes from.) Basically, Polyvore is a fun way of playing Paper Dolls without using any scissors. Add me!

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