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Shoes: A Story of Love and Loss.

I simply had to take a break from blogging. I had a dream where the wedding happened all wrong, where people were setting up lights while the ceremony was going on, where it was crashed by people I didn’t know, where Napkin and I were forgotten in the whole scheme of things and I woke up thinking, “I need a break.”

This was also brought on by my most recent trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a string of shows. I holed myself up in a hotel when I wasn’t performing and I found myself wrapped up in a pretty epic marathon of “Say Yes to The Dress” and “My Big Fat American Gyspy Wedding.”

I had never heard of the latter and I bet you probably haven’t either… so let me give you an example of this awful, awful TV show:

You can imagine, after watching the above, why I would want to call the whole thing off.  So I took some time to focus on real life… letting myself be slowly lured back to wedding planning and blogging. And since my last post was on shoes, I figured I should pick up where I left off.

Right now, this second, I am looking at my wedding shoes. They are here. They are not what you expected. They are not what I expected. About a month ago I was absolutely stoked to have found a pair of designer shoes 75% off and in my size listed on Ebay. I bought them! I celebrated! I bragged on facebook! I called my mom! I waited patiently by the mailbox!

…only to get an email saying that the shoes had been listed wrong and instead of being a 6.5 they were actually an 8.5. For a minute I considered how much tissue I could squeeze into them to make them fit but came to the sad conclusion that I was effed. That very night, I was pouty and perusing Ebay when I stumbled across a pair of BEAUTIFUL gray heels from Nine West that were brand new. I bid on them without really thinking about it, totally sure that I would be outbid by the next morning but I wasn’t and I won them! I was stoked to have such a great pair of heels for next to nothing but didn’t even think about them being my wedding shoes. I ordered a few presents for my bridesmaids (my favorite type of retail therapy right now) and a couple other wedding things and let it go for the week. The following Monday I had seven billion packages on my door step and one of them was my Ebay shoes. A choir of angels should have been singing when I took them out of the box. They were SO perfect. Then I took my wedding dress out of its hiding place. And then I looked at the two together…

And this is how I felt:

And now I wear them all day, every day while Napkin is at work… singing songs about how perfect everything and everybody is. Problem solved. I AM ONE STEP CLOSER!




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