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Cobalt Blue. Or, I Am Getting Obsessed With Tables.

It is exactly three months until the wedding today and I am not freaking out (a lot.) I’ve got a few things left to worry about (flowers, dress fittings, sending out the FORREAL invitations, that sort of thing… but I’m pretty much in the final stretch of planned wedding things. This will leave a good amount of room for all of the crazy last minute disasters that are bound to happen.

One thing that has really been bothering me is the table settings. I’m really detail oriented and I had it in my mind that I wanted cobalt blue vases (to compliment the bridesmaids dress) with green orchids in them. I could see them. Tall, simple, cylinder vases with a few orchid stems, maybe a lit branch or a willow limb … something like that. Nearly two months ago I started my search for vases. I started out by going to different craft stores, dollar stores… then I ended up in thrift stores and vintage shops. Then I started looking on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and finally I was searching wholesale sites in different languages. Every time I would find something it was SUPER expensive (I need at least fifteen) or shipping was so outrageous that I would have a melt down.

I started coming up with different ways to incorporate cobalt blue because I was just NOT going to find (or be able to afford) cobalt glass. Who knew it was such a commodity? Then, Mrs B and I made a trip to a party supply store to start looking at linens and things and to reserve the date so that we wouldn’t have to worry about it.

I was perusing the plates and glasses when I stumbled across this:

WHAT?! YES!!!!!

I mean, it’s not the vase but it’s perfect!! And will make vase getting SO EASY AND INEXPENSIVE NOW because I am just get a clear, easy to find cylinder vase and soup it up with flowers and whatever else!


This is a rough idea of what I’m going for. Try and use your imagination a little bit:

I may do a little, low to the table round porcelain vase (or bowl or tiny vase) with a succulent or something in it to give the motif a little more texture… something like this?

Next to the tall, clear vases with orchids and willows in them.When I have a better idea of what the tables look like I’ll post a few more pictures but immediately after finding the glasses I went over to the lady managing the store and said,
“Listen. Those cobalt goblets (you better believe I called them goblets) are really important to me. Like, really. really. important.”

She looked totally weirded out but reserved all that they had for me…

So that’s that.

: )


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