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This last week was absolutely insane. The summers are always the busiest time for me anyway… but now that I play all over the state I am never ever home. I don’t even know what home means anymore. #overdramatic

Last week was my engagement anniversary and I couldn’t spend it with Napkin because I was all over the place playing shows for the Fourth of July. What was weird about that was that I played every day except the fourth of July. So I guess I played for the week of the Fourth of July. Anyway. Sweet ole’ Napkin decided that we should utilize the day off that I had (he didn’t have to work either) so we decided to meet in the middle of the state somewhere and make the best of it. We ended up in:

That’s right.

The pickle capital OF THE WORLD.

You’ve probably had a pickle made in Mount Olive and I will tell you this: That’s about all that is made in Mount Olive.

Napkin and I checked into a very quiet hotel on the Fourth of July and decided to peruse the local scenery. Once we had driven around the single Walmart strip mall about three times we thought it might be best to go ahead and get some dinner. I did a little Google search and found a couple of restaurants but everyone that we drove to was closed or boarded up forever. We were sad. It was sad.

We eventually found a place called Pizza Village that was obviously the town watering hole, the neighborhood pizza joint, arcade and local art gallery…

All in one!

(ISN’T THAT TERRIFYING?! It’s called “Baby Eats Pizza.”)

We were amazed at how weird the place was… and totally surprised because the pizza was kinda bangin’. Afterwards, Napkin and I headed over to the airport for the town fireworks display. We were directed off road and into a big field near the runway, where people were parking (and by parking I mean they tailgated and it was awesome.) We got there early expecting it to be packed– but this is how many people actually showed up:

That’s right. Like seventeen people. It was awesome. And the fireworks were huge! And so loud! (I’m not even going to post a picture of fireworks because I know, by this point, everyone reading this has seen seven billion firework pictures on the internet.)

Afterwards, we went back to our hotel and watched terrible cable TV and the following morning Napkin left early to be at work by nine.

True love!

That was really the highlight of my week… I worked every night after that and by Sunday I was bone-weary-exhausted and dragging myself up to my door on all fours.  But nothing could stop me from jumping up and down when I got in the door and saw this!

That box is full of wedding invitations!

I had toyed with the idea of making them myself the way I did the save the date cards (teaser post about those here) but with everything sort of coming to life at the same time it was simply bumped off the DIY list.

I don’t want to give it away because they are lovely and you’ll get one in the mail… so I will simply tell you that they are just. perfect. The colors, the texture of card stock, the wording.

I got a lot of help from the customer service department over at Wedding Paper Divas when I was helping my mom design her shower invitations a few weeks ago… I was so impressed with them, in fact, that I decided I wanted them to do my wedding invitations the next day.

All of their designs and themes are totally customizable and easy to work with and I have been constantly impressed with how well things have turned out. And I got my totally customized order in less than a week. Seriously. Envelopes and all.

So if you’re looking for an online way to do your invitations because you simply can’t find time to DIY it– go with Wedding Paper Divas!

I’ll show you what they look like soon!

…when we all meet at Pizza Village in Mount Olive!


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