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Oh hello!
After a super productive weekend I am putting off everything important in order to blog for you once more.

Napkin came with me to Wilmington and we met up with our wedding officiant for the first time. I, like most things wedding related, had no idea what to expect… so I was especially weepy when it ended up being one of the sweetest afternoons I’ve had in recent history. I’ve been getting a little stressed about the actual order of events on the big day and how that’s going to be handled. I’m shopping around for day-of-coordinators because I think it might be a good investment but I haven’t really been able to pin down what is supposed to happen outside of walking, ring giving and kissing during the ceremony. Until now! We went over to Mr. Officiant’s house and sat and chatted with him for a while. We also ate almonds. Then he read us a few excerpts of our potential ceremony and I kept making weird jokes to make up for the fact that I was totally crying. Mr. Officiant asked us what we would like to change about it and neither of us had a lot of suggestions. We don’t want an epic ceremony, nothing too over the top, simple and meaningful…. and that’s exactly what this is. We were talked through the order of things, what will happen after I walk down the aisle, and that was really that!

Then we took the Myer’s Brigg’s Personality Test. I usually think that this sort of thing is sill to the yyy (facebook spam, amiright?!) but I was fascinated by our results. If you haven’t taken this with your significant other yet, you totally should. It will save you some couples therapy money in the future. Napkin and I basically learned things we already knew about ourselves, sure, but we also learned about our strengths and weaknesses as a couple– things to be on the look out for in the future. There were times when our answers were being explained to us and we were like:

It was nuts. We are meeting again with Mr. Officiant towards the end of August (AHHHHHH MY WEDDING SO CLOSE AHHHH) to iron out a few details but for the most part, our ceremony is taken care of. (AHHH!)


We also booked our rehearsal dinner/lunch! Napkin’s family took us to Indochine in Wilmington that same afternoon. Quick story:

Napkin and I went to Indochine for the first time together seven years ago. We had been dating for, oh, a month when he decided to whisk me off to a birthday party in Wilmington so that I could be introduced to his hometown friends. (We held hands the entire three hour car ride, don’t tell him I told you that.) We ate at Indochine before the party and then tried to sneak away from the party to go the beach.

At the beach, his car broke down and his friends had to come and collect us, in the rain, and take us back to his parents’ house. I met Napkin’s parents for the first time soaking wet, sandy, and at three in the morning. After dating Napkin for a month.
The End.

Cut to seven years later. We are having lunch at the same place and looking over the menu for our rehearsal dinner!

This is the lotus drunken delight and it is my faaaavorite. We all sampled different things and discussed how we should go about feeding the 20 to 30 people who will be there that day (we hope) and took a look at the banquet room:

And that’s when I was like, “SOLD!” and we checked another thing off of our list. So wedding friends, get ready for that.

As if the weekend couldn’t get any better– we celebrated all of our wedding victories by partying with Napkin’s sweetest/coolest nephews! And then! We drove home to our apartment to find our very broken Xbox 360 working again so this is what we’ve done ever since:

I call it celebrating our productivity. All in all, it was a pretty great weekend.

Now off to finish the wedding invitations! (After I get back from the pool, ahem.)


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