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My wedding stress dreams have started to happen and man they are hilarious! Let me give you a few examples:

Dream One:

I show up to St. Thomas Preservation Hall only to find that everyone else is late. There are no chairs for anyone to sit in, we are on some horribly tight schedule and so the wedding has to start while all the lighting, decorations and food are being brought in. As I’m walking down the aisle, I have to walk around an enormously obese man putting up a chandelier that I didn’t ask for– only to get to the altar to find the ceremony already done without me. I wake up.

Dream Two:

I am late (again.) I have to get dressed in a tiny hallway with six other girls (think a dressing room before a big play or something) and none of us have any room. The back of my dress keeps getting stepped on and I keep falling down while someone on a loudspeaker says, “Three minutes! Three minutes!” I wake up.

Dream Three:

I can’t find any members of my family so I have to walk down the aisle by myself. The doors of Saint Thomas open for me to walk down and then all of sudden there is a HUGE dog beside to be my spirit guide. It’s like an eight foot tall corgi:

…I wake up.

As you can see, my stress levels are high enough where I’ll have dreams about weird, bad wedding situations– but I’m still dreaming of puppies so that’s okay.

Something I am legitimately stressed about is having my wedding dress altered… and it’s time to have my dress altered. Now listen, I am proud to say that (without really trying that hard, ahem) I’ve lost ten pounds since I got my dress. I am sad to say that I haven’t done much growing since I got my dress, though… so I am still five foot tall on a good day. Let me give you a visual idea:

That’s right. Five foot tall on a good day. That’s me standing next to Napkin.

Now my dress is perfect in every way– except that it’s made for someone of average height and not for someone who could be cast as a hobbit in “Lord of the Rings”  so there’s a lot of length that needs to come off. I’m pretty sure that I’ve posted this picture before but just to remind you:

That’s way past my feet. I stop but my dress just keeps going and going. I have worked with a handful of tailors in the past- I’ve had a few pairs of jeans ruined but nothing too devastating. I’ve also had some luck with dresses being hemmed and that sort of thing but I’ve never had a dress that is SO important to me need SO much work. I’ve perused forums on the ole’ interwebs trying to get advice about tailors and that sort of thing, but forums, when you ask legitimate questions, are more often than not sort of quiet. Get them bitching about something, though, and the conversations go on for days. So I’m stuck. When I bought my dress, I was taken to a dark, quiet corner and urged to go with a specific tailor that worked in the shop but had her own business that was less expensive on the side but home girl WILL NOT CALL ME BACK. I’ve gotten a few other appointments and things but realistically I am super scared to give up my dress to just anyone and cross my fingers that it comes back even more perfect than before. What if it doesn’t? With all that embroidery and stuff what if it’s impossible to get it done to the extent I need to have it done and still keep the overall feel for the dress?! What if it is ruined?!

I’m going to stop by a few more places today to get an idea of what their services are, what their availability is like and how they handle someone terrified to give them her dress. But I just want to feel safe giving it up. I need it relatively soon for my bridal portraits but quality over quickness, right? Ugh. I’m stressing again.

Any suggestions? How did you choose your tailor?


4 thoughts on “Alterations

  1. I found my tailor by drinking a whole bottle of wine, closing my eyes, and randomly pointing to one in the phone book.
    Oh, and my very first crazy wedding dream was me in sweats in a linoleum-floored reception space with metal folding chairs. There were only a handful of guests but my mom jammed my veil onto my head and made me walk down the aisle.

  2. That’s the best advice I’ve ever heard. (I am raising my glass of wine to you this instant.) Did you get what you wanted out of the tailor? Did it cost you an arm and a leg?

    • My tailor was fantastic! She had a great sense of humor, was old-lady cute as can be, and even teared up when I tried the final product on. But holy hell, was she expensive! I think I paid about $250 for a hem, bustle and pinched sweetheart neckline.

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