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The Invitations Are Done! Also, This Has Been The Most Decadent Year Of My Life.

Do you know what this is?

This is a stack of finished invitations.




Fancy stamp and all. My weeks are getting busier and busier so I am finding less and less time to put real life on pause and do wedding chores– but I did it. I think Napkin was getting lonely because, as I was on the final swing of addressing and stamping, he kept begging me to go out with him and finally lured me away for a little while with these:

That’s right. Birthday Cake dipped Oreos. Or my long lost love.

But as of this morning, they are done! I am cookie fat! #fatface.jpg. So be on the look out. I’m sure there are a few that escaped me, names and addresses that are tucked in places they shouldn’t be– but 95% of you should get them some time next week.
4% of you will get them tomorrow. Do you know why? Because I have a bridal party tomorrow!

I often joke with Napkin, while lamenting over my disappearing bank account, that this has been the most decadent year of my life.  All the parties! All the wedding stuff! The gifts for other people! The gifts for myself! The dresses I simply must buy for the glamorous tea parties I go to!

That’s right. Tomorrow we are having a tea party to honor my bridesmaids and myself. What this means is that we will all get together, get fabulous, drink tea, eat teeny tiny cakes and hang out. Then I will give you your wedding invitations!

I’ve been plowing through everything else I’ve had to do this week in order to find time to put together an outfit and boy, did I find a doozy:

Isn’t it fun?! And those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And because I almost always have to show my ring off at parties like this I decided to get a mani to match:

Napkin doesn’t understand but these are simply necessities! Right, ladies?

Now…um. Could someone pay my mortgage?

I have a show tonight but then I’m off to collect my sissy and mommy. After the tea party we are traveling out of town for a wedding-planning-weekend-girl-out-extravaganza. Expect ridiculous blog posts.


Here’s to getting fancy.



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