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The Spoil Of Our Riches

So, I don’t want to give too much away (because your faces when you walk into Saint Thomas Preservation Hall is one of the things I’m looking the most forward to) but here is a little sneak peek into some of the things we put together for the wedding this past week:

(Also, these pictures are taken by my sister so that’s why they’re lovely:)

This is a downed stop light after a freak storm that came from nowhere:

And Saint Thomas after the storm:

Lantern inspiration from Indochine.

Our invitations! A full shot of them next to one of our centerpiece ideas…

A teeny flower lantern handmade by my maid of honor.



5 thoughts on “The Spoil Of Our Riches

  1. Excuse me, Miss, but did you know that you and your sister are freaking adorable? And I love your save-the-dates. Also, I love all of those lanterns. Andndndnd, I really missed your posts for a couple of days. That is all.

      • Horrible at the mo. I just found out that a few of our invitations never made it to their intended destinations and I’m freaking out! The weird thing is that the ones that never made it were going to the same town we sent them out of.

  2. Wow: just discovered your blog on the Weddingbee share-your-blogs post and i’m so excited to follow: all your details are so beautiful! LOVE those amazing invitations and the flower lanterns…I’m sure it’ll all come together so beautifully!

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