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Lanterns. Or, !!!!

Yesterday was the two month mark for the wedding! I would have written a really insanely upset freak out entry– but I am on vacation still so I’m remarkably laid back and also I’m having weird internet issues so when I was having my inevitable break down I couldn’t blog about it anyway.

The truth is, and I hesitate to say this, that I am really on top of things?? After the most recent visit to Saint Thomas with my mom and sissy, a lot has come into focus and I have a clear idea of what I want the room as a whole to look like. So now it’s just a matter of making that vision come to life.

One of the things I’ve been stumped by has been the balcony at the front of the room. It’s going to be a focal point, in a lot of ways, because its where everyone will enter during the ceremony. It’s where I will begin my long descent into wife-dom! I wanted it to stand out but still fit with the rest of the room. This is what I’m talking about:

(I took this picture while standing at the altar, to give you some reference.) So the last time I was there, I decided I would like to put curtains on either side of the pillar (maybe slightly sheer and white to set off the walk way) and I realized that there were places to hang things. I decided I’d like to hang paper lanterns… but I wanted to mess with textures and sizes, to make it look a little pillowy and ethereal. After I decided this, my sissy and I started researching and found AMAZING flower lanterns online:

Which is when sissy was like, “I’ve got this,” and started a craft project that is probably gonna blow your gourd. I gave you a teaser in my last post— but here’s another for you:

Gourd blown.

But I don’t wanna do too much of the same thing so I’m thinking of mixing up SUPER BEAUTY FLOWER LANTERNS with a few more normal lanterns with different textures, like these:

All the same color, but different sizes and designs.

I’m also thinking of doing a little DIY paper doily deal. (I ordered lanterns and handmade doilies so that I can get crackin’ post vacation.)

This is where I got the idea and this is what I’m hoping to make myself:

So cute, right?

Here’s a better visual idea for what I’m going for:

But just tighter and in a smaller space… and with a little more texture.

Here’s hoping it works out!

(All of these photos, with the exception of the Saint Thomas photo and the lantern teaser, are from the internetz.)


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