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Catching Up, Checking Off.

Oh blog! My poor, sweet blog!

I am currently butt-ugly-dog-tired right now… but I’ve wanted to blog all week so here goes nothing. I’m butt-ugly-dog-tired.

You know how they say you need a vacation from a vacation? I’ve figured out the meaning of this. You need to have someone else live your normal life for you WHILE you are on vacation so that when you return to reality there’s no catching up needed.

I will say this to any bride who finds my blog, or anyone who is reading right now: If you are planning a life event that takes any amount of time or planning or energy… take a break from it. It will keep you level and sane. Despite being really super stoked about my wedding, putting everything down and walking away from it for a little while was a really good idea. It made me excited to come back and get started planning again!

…But there was a ton of other stuff to do as well. So here I am, glowing, organized and excited to get back to wedding to-do’s…and suddenly all of my other errands and responsibilities started raining down on me. Shows to be played, shows to be booked, problems to solve, errands to run… man, I’m wiped out.

When Napkin and I got home I got a pretty huge warning sign from the RIDICULOUS pile of mail that had accumulated while we were gone. But not all of it was bad! Look at this!

This, dearling darlings, is a pile of twenty five invitations. That’s fifty guests. Almost half of our list. Confirmed! And it’s not even half way through the month yet! (Our RSVP date is September First.) As the week has gone on we have had a few more trickle in, but I am amazed by our responsible friends and their prompt replies!

Speaking of our RSVP date… This week I realized that my wedding is less than two months away. When I looked at the calendar and realized how soon the wedding is going to happen…I had a moment of this:

But no fear! I used my moment of panic to motivate me to get a few things done. Like the Japanese Candy Bar! Ordering a lot of this stuff in bulk was daunting and a little unreliable so I went around collecting everything myself. Turns out it was about the same price anyway! And man oh man did I have a private celebration while going through the Grand Asia Market’s check out line with a shopping cart full of a hundred dollars in pocky when one of my favorite K-pop songs came on:

That’s right. Get THAT out of your head.

Anyway, so I came home and assembled everything and I am pleased as punch. Looksee!

You could build a house made of pocky with all of that. #greatidea.jpg.

I’ve also gotten another HUGE thing checked off my list. Recently, my wedding stress dreams have started getting more and more bizarre. One night I dreamed that my ceremony was going off without a hitch and then suddenly we were being attacked by a godzilla-esque monster. My bridesmaids were all like, “NUH UH!” and used their magical bracelets (silver and moonstone, to be exact) to activate their flame bow and arrow powers. The monster was defeated and the whole time I was like:

(But also sad that my wedding was ruined.)

In another dream, I was a queen at a pool party(???) and Napkin wouldn’t kiss my face and I was really sad because that meant the party wasn’t going the way I wanted it to.

Anyway, these stress dreams are happening because I’ve been worried about the timeline of events at my wedding. I’ve gotten most of the shopping and stuff done, but how the day will play out has still been a mystery to me. I’ve mentioned a few times that we have been shopping around for a coordinator– well today we found one!

We went to this super swank florist/event design place in Wilmington called Verzaal’s to meet with Roberta about being our day of coordinator.

(orchids = good sign.)

I fell in love with her “friendly bossiness” immediately. And we all agreed she was a good match for us. Papers signed! Done deal! So now, no one in the family will have to boss everyone around on wedding day. I had been so stressed about this! I know a lot of brides who have conducted the day of their wedding just fine– but I, for once, want to sit back and enjoy myself… and the idea of someone else being the bossipants makes me so so happy. Every question that I had about the sequence of events, the how-tos on making the day run smoothly was answered lightning fast. She is an epic planner (and familiar with almost all of our other vendors and just generally awesome.)

So things are moving along pretty nicely!

High Five!


Super stoked to give Napkin one of these. (Or maybe just start calling Napkin “husband cake.”)


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