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The Final Bridal Shower. Also, Countdown!

Hi there, Holy Crap, Forty Something Days Till I’m a Mrs., etc.

Last weekend was so fantastic! Not only did I celebrate with my family and friends, but we also got a stellar amount done. Something about the shower last weekend really put me in a rose colored fog. I find myself staring off into space, day dreaming about marrying my Napkin. It’s only when someone starts laughing at me for grinning at the pavement that I realize that I’m doing it… and nothing seems to be getting me down right now. I’m getting married! It’s wonderful! Everything is wonderful! I’m frolicking!

I wanted to give you a little teaser into the shower before my picture heavy one (it will come in a day or two, simmer down.)

Here’s the dress I wore!

I happen to find it very important to look fancy at EVERY occasion where you are the guest of honor. Here is what I paired the dress with:

Not bad, right? Pretty fabulous? Thanks.

So here is one of my favorite moments from the shower: My gracious hostess (seen here:)

…asked me to cut the cake at the shower so I could get some practice in before my wedding day. This, of course, threw me into a panic.

“If I cut this cake wrong, I’m going to ruin everything. This will mean I’m a terrible bride. Everyone will be mad at me.” I thought I was doing okay when…

Gracious hostess came up to me and said I was cutting pieces that were WAY TOO BIG for everyone:

To which I responded with, “OH! Uh… that’s my piece! Haha! No worries! Gulp!” Afterwards, I started using the knife upside down because I was nervous and I butchered the cake:

But you know what? No one seemed to mind! And I’m still a bride to be! And, by all accounts, the cake was delicious! And! Most importantly, we are having cupcakes at our wedding so you don’t have to worry about my shaky knife hand all up in your desserts!

And no matter my cutting skills, I still wear a corsage like a pro:

(Nice work looking lovely, bridesmaids.)

So all’s well that ends well.

I’ll post a proper recap and update soon! In the meantime, I have the rest of this cake at my house so swing by if you want to watch me practice again. (You MAY get a slice of cake out of it?)


2 thoughts on “The Final Bridal Shower. Also, Countdown!

  1. Haha! Everyone else said the same thing! (Meaning, um, they couldn’t figure out the color… I wasn’t insinuating that everyone was showering me with complime– ahem.) Thank you!

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