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Do you remember when I told you that I would bet you five bucks that I would dream of the mens’ girdle I posted last night? Well, I owe you five bucks because I didn’t dream of that girdle at all!

…I did, however, fall out of bed. I rolled over thinking I was in my bed and was very surprised to find the floor shortly after. You win, readers!

This will be a little shorty post because I have my final bridal shower tomorrow! Somehow I had forgotten to mention that, but I promise to post my outfit and do a full recap. You know. The USUAL.

To be honest, I’m already a little sad that this is my final bridal shower because, one, who doesn’t like a party thrown in their honor and two, that means the wedding is around the corner and that means that all of this wedding excitement is flying by too fast. (<– run-on sentence.)

My wedding photographer is coming to the shower tomorrow and I’m really stoked to meet her. She’s a family friend and really talented… and we’ve become pretty solid penpals over the past little while. I have a real problem when it comes to explaining what I want– I get really afraid I’m being judged or I’m asking too much and I back down really easily. So when I was explaining to my photographer about how I wanted candid pictures, emotions captured, that sort of thing… I expected a secret eye-roll and maybe a “I’ll do my best,” but she was really warm and receptive. It made me feel good. I have been collecting photo blogs to show her– and I’ve compiled a pretty great list. Here are a few photo blogs that really capture the emotions of a wedding. I’ll link you to specific posts. (Disclaimer: I get weepy looking at most of these.)

QWeddings – Artful Journalism. The weddings here look so happy and fun and full of love.

Simply Bloom Weddings – Simple pictures with really lovely lighting.

Snippet and Ink – This is a great site over all… but I LOVED this ‘real wedding’ they featured. The bride and groom are total babes, too.

And my absolute favorite:

Christine Chang Photography – I LOVE this wedding photographer! These pictures are so natural! I cry every time I look at this wedding. Isn’t it beautiful!?




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