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Bridal Shower For Real!

Hello, sweet blog! I told you I would update with a proper recap on my final bridal shower and I said “soon” but what I really meant was, “A week later.”

So here it is! A proper recap of my final bridal shower!

On Saturday morning, my mom and sister arrived via Napkin to be whisked off to the shower. We put on fancy clothes and left the boys behind, while they cried for us to stay and entertain them:

So sad.


But we had some partying to do. When we got to the bridal shower, my first observation was that they had custom made a napkin (the wipe your face kind, not my fiance kind) to look like me:

(That isn’t true. But I’d like to think I have a waist that size somewhere in another dimension.)

The second thing I noticed was this bad boy:

Little did I know I’d have to have a cake cutting test. You can read about my massive failure here. You can also go ahead and imagine that I ate cake for a week after the shower. (#notashamed.jpg)

Then all of my friends started showing up!



We all sat around and talked and ate for a while (there are pictures of this but no one looks good when they’re eating so I will spare you…) and then I spent the next hour being completely overwhelmed by all the sweet, thoughtful gifts I was given.


…I should also mention that I am very proud of myself because I totally kept it together. I had a huge lump in my throat the entire time I was at the shower and never once did I let anybody see it. It as especially awesome to see almost all of my bridesmaids together again… (AMALEETA WE MISS YOU!)

So that’s basically a summary of the day! I want to thank everyone who came to celebrate with me, everyone who had to do some serious traveling to get there, and EVERYONE who laughed at after I butchered the cake.

You are the best friends and family.


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