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Mailbox Full of Magic

So, my mailbox has been overflowing with some seriously beautiful wedding things. A while ago, I blogged about gifts for my bridesmaids and how I found a lot of really fantastic deals on Ebay and beautifully handmade things on Etsy. Everything has since arrived safe and sound and so I’ve shifted my efforts to all the final little things I need to complete my wedding day look.

One of my biggest issues has been a purse. I’m one of those girls that buys ONE huge purse every six or seven months and that is that. But I wanted something lady-like that matched my wedding dress without being too over the top or too matchy-matchy.

While casually perusing Ebay, I stumbled across THIS vintage bag:

…and immediately bid on it. I was positive that I wouldn’t win it because the bag is simply TOO perfect for a wedding– and I don’t know about you but there’s a big ole’ sea of brides out there with a bigger budget than mine and the price was too good to be true.

Well, cut to a week later and I have won this little beauty! AND I was the only bidder!

I just want to take a second to thank the internet for hiding this bag from everyone else because it IS SO EFFING BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON! I got it today and did my own little dance:

Seriously! Look at it!

And you know what it will match perfectly? The mother of pearl earrings I found for myself.

So I’m (mostly) finished! I’m still shopping around for little things but if I had to walk down the aisle tomorrow, I would feel pretty confident and put together.

Something else came in my mailbox yesterday as well. Something FANTASTIC.



It’s this:

Just an envelope, you say? Let’s take a peek inside:

YOU GUYS DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS?! These!! These our are Ghibli Museum Tickets!!! It’s really happening!

And they included a map!

I nearly died. In fact, I’m nearly dying right now all over again just writing you about how excited I am. If you weren’t reading way back when then you can read about our honeymoon in Japan HERE and HERE.

And it’s really happening! Like, we are planning specific activities in Tokyo! Holy Effing Moly!

So thank you, universe. Thank you for my magical mailbox and all the gifts you are bestowing upon me.

I party in your honor.



2 thoughts on “Mailbox Full of Magic

  1. That bag is beautiful! I lucked out a few years ago and found a vintage Whiting & Davis clutch in absolute perfect condition in a “for free” pile at a garage sale. That’s the bag I’m going to be carrying for the wedding. Or, you know, someone else will be carrying it for me.

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