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As Promised.

Today was such an amazing, emotional roller coaster. After getting stuck in horrible traffic and being nearly half an hour late, we finally made it to my dress fitting. As soon as I went back into the fitting room, my heart started pounding. “What if something’s wrong? What if it has changed? What if my body doesn’t fit this dress anymore?” “What if it’s not as magical as I remember?”

When the final zipper was zipped and I was ready to open my eyes and look, I was overwhelmed. My dress is perfect.
When I walked out to my waiting mom and sissy, we all started crying. Even the seamstress was weepy! I’ll give you a full review of my incredible seamstress super soon but for now, here’s what I promised you.

My dress.

Almost all of it. I was going to give you the whole kit and caboodle but I had a change of heart. At this point, you can piece the dress together by pictures… but there’s still a little mystery left if you want it.

I brought all of my accessories today as well, to get a feel for how everything came together.

So you’ll get a peek at that too.

Without further adieu:

Here is my dress.


8 thoughts on “As Promised.

    BTW, is that the wtoo Vanessa? Because if it is, I really really really wanted that dress.

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