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Surprise, me! It’s Bachelorette Party Time!

Holy Moly.
I went out for dinner with Sissy and Jammer last night and on our way there Amaleeta (who is from NYC and we never ever get to see each other) ran out into the middle of the street and scared the crap outta me. She is here!! In NC!! And SURPRISE, BITCHES! It’s my bachelorette party weekend!
We ended up going to a Japanese steak house and nearly took the waiter home with us.
It was “my birthday,” if you know what I’m saying. Then we went back to Jammer’s amazing farmhouse and danced all night. Now we are headed to some mystery location and that’s all I know.

If I don’t survive this weekend– know that I loved you. If I do, I’ll tell you all about it after I recover…



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