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Great Friends and Fried Food

So I don’t know about the rest of my bridesmaids but I am still recovering from this past weekend. It was so unbelievably FUNNNNNN.

So, in my last post I told you about how the girls had totally surprised me and taken me out to dinner and that three of the four bridesmaids were there and it was great and we had an incredibly flirtatious waiter and so on. The following morning, we got up, got dressed, ate cake and started heading out to some OTHER secret location. The entire time we were driving I kept asking, “Where are we going, guys?” “Seriously, where are we going?” “You can totally tell me now, okay?”

But I never figured it out.

Finally I started recognizing the landscape and figured out that we were going to the beach! (This is the point where you realize that my friends are totally perfect.) We freshened up a little and tried out a new sushi restaurant, where I got a weird cocktail that totally knocked my socks off. This caused me to ask the waiter (who was in love with Sister Buchanan) to strip for us and he almost did until everyone was like, “WHOOOAAAAAAA.” Then he stopped.

After dinner, we started driving to A THIRD MYSTERIOUS location and it ended up being a BEACH FRONT CONDO WHAT?! We drank champagne and hung out for a little while and then. Oh, and then. We hit the town. The little tiny beach town.

They never saw us coming.

It’s funny how a gaggle of dressed up ladies in big shoes (one with a tiara) attract a lot of attention. Everywhere we went people flocked to us, trying to give us their underpants. (#truestory.jpg)

We invaded other wedding receptions (in my opinion, you’re asking for it if you’re having your reception at an open beach bar) we danced all over the place, we told everybody it was my birthday (because “bachelorette party” wasn’t in the vocabulary of a lot of people we talked to) we did karaoke and finished the night off with a glamorous dose of FRIED EVERYTHING at some place none of us can really remember.

The next morning we went to the beach for a little while, trying to pretend like none of us felt like we had been hit with a greasy hammer.

It was perfect.

I’ll probably do a little photo round up when I get some– my camera had died and I’m letting the girls get their beauty sleep before I start bothering them for pictures but for now, know that I took myself very seriously the entire weekend:

…very seriously.




4 thoughts on “Great Friends and Fried Food

  1. I LOVE your bachelorette outfit! And pretty much this entire post. You clearly had a hilarious, amazing weekend 😀

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