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…How do I even write this post?

My sister is my greatest friend– the person who has been with me from the very beginning. When she was born and my mother let me hold her for the first time I said, “My baby.”

And that was that.

Sissy and I have always had a relationship that was strange to our friends– we were family, we were forced to be connected… but that didn’t stop us from never leaving the other person’s side and being best friends. When I moved out of my parents’ house, we were both devastated. As soon as school would let out for the summers I would drive to Myrtle Beach, scoop Sissy up and she would live with me until the very second the school year started back. The day that she graduated from high school, I scooped her up and she moved in with me in North Carolina.

I can’t think of a time when Sissy has not been THE biggest part of my life. She has always been the person I worked hard to impress, the person that I knew would always be there for me, the person who I would always drop everything for. I’ve watched her grow up into the sort of amazing person that you’re lucky to know… She is a blessing in every way.

I called her first when Napkin and I got engaged. She was there the day that Napkin and I met– we all became really close friends and that was one of the reasons that I was so attracted to him. I watched him respect and love my sister and, being that she is the most important person in my life, it meant a lot to me.

Calling my sister my “maid of honor” doesn’t even really do her justice. She is everything good that I strive to be in life. She is beautiful and creative, talented, smart and kind… I hope that one day I can grow up and be just like her. She is the hand I’ll hold on my wedding day–

And when she’s there…everything will be right.

I love you, sissy. Always. However far away.

(My sister and me, with our Dad. She’s on the right.)


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