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Like A Punch In The Face (Poll!)

This morning, it hit me. It really, really hit me.

Before I go further, we’re going to rejoice together for a second, okay? Because yesterday Napkin and I made our first purchase as husband and wife! We got a new mattress set!

(I know. If I were reading this I’d make sex jokes too.)

But really! We got a new mattress set! The set we had been sleeping on together for two years was shaped like a V and both Napkin and myself were starting to have serious back problems. We were going to wait until we moved into our new house (but that fell through, sadly– the seller decided she didn’t want to sell the house) so on our weekiversary, before our olive and wine date, we decided to commit, be grown ups and buy a new set.

Girl, memory foam is THE BESSSST.

Last night, we watched the season premiere of The Walking Dead and celebrated our new found back support with a healthy dose of the zzzz’s. Poor Napkin had to go to work early this morning but I laid around for a little while after he left sort of dozing when it happened.


(photo source: google)

I realized that, in eight days, we will be in Japan. My life long dream trip. IT’S REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN. I immediately got up and danced a little for the universe (also, my new bed feels amazing so I celebrated my springy back) and as soon as I was done performing for my house, I got to work on a few of the last minute details for the trip.

I sat down at my inbox and realized that our JR Pass tickets had been issued (the JR pass is a prepaid train pass that takes us anywhere in the country of Japan for seven days!)


We also got a confirmation for our day trip to Mt. Fuji! You can see a little more info on that HERE.


HOLY MOLY, right?!

So the only thing left that I have to do is figure out Kyoto. That’s right. Kyoto. Our initial plan was to stay in Tokyo for the entire 12 days that we’ll be there– but upon the advice of EVERYONE THAT WE KNOW we have decided to take a few days and spend them in Kyoto. I was a little wary of the idea of up and moving a lot but when I started looking at Kyoto I realized that it was something that we absolutely couldn’t miss.

(photo source: google)

Our Tokyo hotel has been totally amazing about helping us modify our reservation (meaning taking a chunk of days out of our initial confirmed dates so that we can go to Kyoto) and I think I found a budget friendly Ryokan in Kyoto that is perfect.

A Ryokan is a traditional Japanese style inn. There are only a few in Tokyo and they are incredibly expensive (kind of like everything in Tokyo) but in Kyoto it’s much easier to find a Ryokan that doesn’t ruin your future child’s college tuition. Are you guys ready for a sneak peek?

This is the Ryokan we are trying to reserve:


(photo source: google)

Take a look at the pictures. I met with Brian over at Triple A yesterday (I’ve been bothering him for a year with questions about our honeymoon– he helped us book the flight and he lived in Japan for a couple of years) and he suggested this inn to us and I have fallen in love.

You have to reserve with the Ryokan directly and they get back in touch with you and tell you whether or not they’re available on the date you want. I’ll let you know as soon as the dates are secured (we have a few others to choose from but Heianbo is definitely my favorite.) Here’s hoping we get to spend a few days here.

Then I started thinking about how to document the trip for everyone… which brings me to the whole purpose of this post! Would you like to see me post regular blog entries with pictures recapping what I’ve done day to day? Or! Would you like me to vlog from Japan? Let me know! (Even you secret readers who never comment. I know you’re out there.)

Looking forward to hearing what you think!


4 thoughts on “Like A Punch In The Face (Poll!)

  1. I honestly would be up for either! I posted for “regular entries and pictures” because I love reading recaps especially honeymoon recaps, but I’d make sure to watch your vlogs too!!

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