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Weekly Round Up!

Hi there!
I thought that, while we were catching up on things since my honeymoon, I would give you a little looksie into my normal life! I can’t blog on the weekends, usually… Because I travel for work! I’m actually blogging from my Iphone right now (So let me know if this post looks weird or whatever.) It’s super late and I just wrapped up a pretty solid string of shows. Here’s a sneak peek into a couple of them.


Tonight, my band and I played a fund raiser and it was really, really fun. During our break we decided to take a band photo in the photo booth… I think we should probably use this for promo material, right?

The night before we played a private event on a golf course.


There was no photo booth. Just saying.
So that pretty much sums up what I’ve been doing: cheesin’ and fake golfin’. Oh! And a little singin’.

More soon! Hope you’re having a good weekend.


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