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Cozy Spot. (Extended!)

I realized, after looking at last week’s cozy spot post, that I didn’t really give my back porch enough credit (and I didn’t even show you all of it.)

So welcome to Cozy Spot: Back Porch. EXTENDED EDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!



So you’ve already seen this:


But let’s do a little walk around, yeah?

As I mentioned in THIS POST, there were a lot of things on our list of “must-haves” when we were looking to buy a home. One of the most important things for Napkin was trees… and the privacy they provided.

So we were really excited when we discovered that THIS would be our new back yard:


(Excuse the sponge… I was cleaning for you. )


You would never know it but our house is on the corner of our street. The lot is on a slope– so the porch is built into the side of the yard and we have total privacy!

The porch wraps around!


(I’m using the grill as a point of reference for you.)



This is my favorite part of the whole thing. The little ‘introverted people’ corner. When we moved in, this entire area was grown over with Ivy so I had no idea how lovely it was going to be. (Or how hard that shit is to get rid of. Have you ever spent days pulling up Ivy? Because that’s a sucky day.)


That little gate takes you to the front yard of our house!

And there you have it! A full look at my back porch-cozy spot.

It may not seem like it, but we’ve done a ton of work back here. It was easiest in a lot of ways– because it was a lot of weed pulling and deep scrubbing. Not a lot of construction and decision making. (And just wait. You’ll come to find out that there’s been a lot of that with our new house.) It was also an adventure of sorts because, as we dug through the mess that was left before we moved in, we found a ton of totally bizarre treasures like this…



ash tray??



See you soon!


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