One Week Away!

I can’t believe it.

In less than a week, I will have been married to Napkin for a whole year. This has been the most exciting, important year of my life! (So far!)

Napkin and I were talking about taking a little trip to the ocean or the mountains to celebrate– but with the government shut-down… a lot of the national beaches and parks will be closed so I think we are going to turn off our phones, order take-out and just enjoy each others’ company in our brand new house.

And also. There’s this:


My mom-in-law saved a bottle of wine for us (I’ll be doing some wedding recaps as the week goes on– but here’s a post about my DIY wine labels!) She also salvaged a cupcake from the wedding. At the time, we were in the process of selling our apartment and so keeping THE MOST IMPORTANT CUPCAKE OF ALL TIME safe and sound was sketchy. Thankfully, she wrapped it up and put it away for us and now we are one week away from eating it. THE IMPORTANT CUPCAKE. (It literally traveled in its own personal cooler in my car from my in-laws house to mine, where it was immediately given a new throne in my freezer.)

What do you think it’s going to taste like?


True love?

The promise of tomorrow?

A freezer?

More soon!


6 thoughts on “One Week Away!

  1. Are you really going to eat the cupcake? My husband won’t even eat 2-day old leftovers so I knew he wouldn’t try the top tier of our cake. Can’t wait to hear your experience!

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