Really quick update about the heart attack I just had.
Napkin and I visited his grandparents this weekend and got back this afternoon.
Molly has been super weird all day and we just couldn’t figure out why she was so high strung.
Napkin was feeling romantic and so we started a little fire on our back porch.


Molly just yowled at us the whole time we were outside. It was totally bizarre.
It started to rain and we came inside. Napkin and I were talking about something totally unimportant and all of a sudden he grabs me by the waist and says, “MOVE. GET OUT OF THIS ROOM. NOW.”
This, of course, paralyzed me and I just stood there thinking, “WTF.”
Napkin then yelled, “GO GET ME SOMETHING BIG! RIGHT NOW!”

I took off… Screaming.

I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a big pan and basically threw it at him.

I heard a little scuffling and then Napkin asked me to open the back door because HE HAD CAPTURED A FLYING SQUIRREL?!?!


All day Molly had been trying to warn us that something unwelcome was in our house and we just did not catch on. Molly is now sleeping like a brick and the flying squirrel literally FLEW away from Napkin as soon as he got it outside.

I am still recovering. (We are now laughing really hard.)


3 thoughts on “TOO MUCH NATURE!!!

  1. Ha! Reminded me of the times before I got a new cap on my chimney when a bird would make it into and then out of the furnace. I would have to sheet off the kitchen door and open the back door and windows… and clean up bird poop in my house!

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